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12 Sep

Dr. Martens: gritty shoes “with bouncing soles”

The history of the most famous brand in the footwear industry could not but begin far in the memory. Almost a century ago in the town of Wollaston, Northamptonshire, in the English Midlands, the Griggs family stood out in the footwear industry for the quality of the shoes they produced. Having immediately realized that the prototype shoe could bring great innovation, Dr. Martens took advantage of the unused military supplies at that time to start producing the shoes together with his university friend, Herbert Funk.

Shortly after that, the brand was established: in England they were talking about the new brilliant idea, soon came the advertising (80% of the customers were women) and the purchase in the newspapers until 1960 when the brand was born as we know it today with soles contain an air cushion.


The evolution of the concept of footwear

The boots were marked “Airwair” and were completed with a black and yellow heel loop with the brand name and slogan “with bouncing soles” (based on Bill Grigg’s handwriting). Today, Dr. Martens stands for style. It is a varied set of shoes that is no longer limited to boots in amphibious version. Sandals and ankle boots without laces make up the diversified world around which the brand revolves.

Accessory spread in the underground among adolescents as a means of recognition and sense of belonging to a particular social group, Dr. Martens have relived in about forty years of history as the most natural phenomenon of trend and integration. An aesthetic language that of Dr. Martens shoes became manifest in the years between the Twentieth century and the new era of the 2000s, winning the representation of the appearance that looks on the surface, that is nothing more than the style that characterizes the individual.

Casual and informal style collections

A catchy slogan encapsulates the essence of the brand: “the only thing harder than a boot is the person wearing it”. In fact, Dr. Martens addresses a customer who is in favor of change and who knows how to be in line with the society around her. Regardless of age, the woman who wears Dr. Martens shoes wears grit and style on any occasion. Suitable for a casual and informal style consisting of jeans and t-shirts but also for a romantic look in pastel shades dress and tights, the amphibians reveal versatility in the combinations of outfits.

But not only that, the nature of these shoes makes them timeless. The story of Dr. Martens is an ongoing story that tells of how fashion can play a fundamental social function, a never withered trend that passes from foot to foot and takes on value every time it plows the ground: whether it is a military man marching or a mother chasing her child playing with him in the park.

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