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14 Sep

Aniye By: innovative re-vintage and outfits

For Aniye By if the world didn’t have its canonical form it would certainly look like a bow. Dreamer since childhood, Alessandra Marchi has been able to honor her desires by founding a brand with a playful soul. Born in Carpi in 2000, near Modena, Aniye By is completely Made in Italy and bears a name that is the result of pure fantasy on the part of the creative director. Growing up breathing the smell of fashion, the designer couldn’t overlook into the world of fashion. Growing up breathing the smell of fashion, the designer couldn’t overlook into the world of fashion. Daughter of the famous Vannis Marchi founder of Liu Jo,

Alessandra came up with solid shoulders and a critical eye for clothing. Passionate about travel, it is thanks to the wandering of the soul that Alessandra Marchi has made the experience of discovering new lands the strong point of the brand she defined as “re-vintage”. This last word encapsulates the true essence of Aniye By’s creations. In fact, the classic garments that have gone down in history are reinterpreted by the designer with a touch of modern contemporaneity. Sporty, rock, punk, romantic garments are mixed in completely innovative outfits.

Uncontaminated lands and energetic prints

It is thanks to her spirit of observer and scrutinizer that the designer has focused in her mind places and figures that have then become a source of inspiration in the collections she created. It was not unusual for her to meet women in uncontaminated lands who have become testimonials of her silhouettes. Fascinating, elegant and mysterious women dress the energetic materials and prints made by the brand. More similar to reality than you might think, the designer’s icons know to choose what to wear and know how to do it without second thoughts: Alessandra Marchi does not like what deviates from reality.

That’s why her ideal woman plays with irony, appropriates it and uses it to enchant anyone who looks at her. This is the case of the Gallina sweatshirt that represents the inscription that emerges from a background made by many roosters or the crop top with ruffled flounces or the lace chemisette with rouches. Rivers and rivers of tulle have made the brand famous. Skirts and dresses in mini version bloom above the refined flounces of the fabric. And again, plumette lace dresses with petticoats and feathers applied on the armholes surround the panorama of Aniye By‘s creations.


Collections with exclusive and trendy lines

It is a continuous questioning and finding the playful spirit that drives crazy women of all ages. Bright colors and mixed together recklessly break the canons of classic fashion and are turned upside down to give free rein to creativity and grit. Exclusive and trendy lines, colorful prints, chiffon dresses and long trainings are the hallmarks of Aniye By. It is a hymn to art that comes to life thanks to the assemblage of several parts.

As in the case of marble sculptures, the look of the maison also originates from the union of various clothes. All this is made possible by Alessandra Marchi’s sartorial skill integrated with good taste and passion for style. Balance games that seem to hover between romantic soul and rock resoluteness of the Eighties made of high-waisted models and important shoulders tell of high waist models, emphasized shoulders, animalier inserts, feathers and paillettes.

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