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20 Sep

Forte_Forte: from workshop to maison

It is a big bang in the fashion world that originated the project called Forte_Forte. An explosion of emotion and beauty that took its first steps when, in 2002, the brothers Giada and Paolo Forte began to realize they could not do without creating clothes.

From this, an entrepreneurial reality takes shape that the two brothers would never have imagined when, at the time of the noise in the corridors of the house, they spent most of their days in the family’s knitting workshops. Giada still takes care of the stylistic side of the business, putting into practice what she learned at Nottingham Trent University studying knitwear design, while Paolo, who knows economics, is dedicated to the financial part of the brand.

Delicate dresses of undisputed Italian style

Linked to Made in Italy and the strong value it gives to the garments made, the creators of Forte_Forte chase through the collections the beauty and creative feeling that characterizes contemporary fashion. It is an intimate awareness in their talents and in the value given to the intuitiveness that characterizes the stylistic choices of the maison. For Forte_Forte the woman who renounces ostentation and dresses in simple refinement coins the authenticity of elegance, do not mark the speed with which fashion is transformed.

Ambition and obstinacy, which have always linked the creative minds of Forte_Forte, have only reinforced the task that Paolo and Giada wanted to accomplish in the fashion industry while remaining sentimentally attached to their entrepreneurial beginnings. This is where the choice of having the company’s headquarters in Veneto comes from: on the one hand, the importance of Italian manufacturing that is difficult to replace and on the other hand, the fil rouge with happy memories with the family.

Collections by pure classicism

Trousers, trench coats, dresses describe the vast world of Forte_Forte. Clean and symmetrical lines tell of a pure classicism that refers to a concept worthy of note in the vastness of prêt-à-porter. Silk and viscose, satin and cotton, denim and linen are the brand’s favorite pairings, combinations with unmistakable savoir faire beyond the ages. This is how kimonos with a jeans belt, organza and silk tartan robes, men’s pinstripe suits revisited and oversized lurex or jacquard jackets take shape. As an accompaniment to these garments, many small details that have the task of making every look precious.

It  is in the essentiality that beauty is hidden and to discover it in remote lands you have to cross the borders of the Italian country until you reach Camargue, an area in the south of France. This is the inspiration behind the iconic Gitana, who dresses a series of timeless, feminine, delicate and even slightly country pieces. Scanned by the time of autumn, the woman, eternally poised between what she is and what she will become, as is the season of yellow leaves, surrounds herself with welcoming materials, reddish and golden shades. It is the constant change that fascinates Giada Forte and inspires her in designing the collections. An emotional journey that evokes sensations similar to those of a journey through unexplored territories, an itinerary of the soul, abstract and without temporal limits where past and present coexist harmoniously.

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