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27 Sep

Dondup: denim with universal comfort

Letter “D” means Dondup but it also denim. An exclusive, pregiate and special trouserrs in jeans fabric that has always been the most fundamental component of the heart of the popular brand and focus of the Di/zero project. Sensible and customer-oriented, the brand has become the spokesman of a pioneering adventure in the field of fashion. Through washing and special treatments, the brand has as its goal the extension to the entire production of techniques aimed at saving the use of fundamental resources such as water for the creation of jeans, also significantly reducing the use of chemicals substances to the planet.

Ambition and eyes facing to the future are the unmistakable characteristics of Dondup jeans. Started in 1999, the beautiful story of the brand talks about emotions and dreams. Innovation and creative spirit are the soul of the company, born from an idea of Massimo Berloni and his wife Manuela Mariotti.

Trousers designed to be ready to wear

Thanks to the Italian manufacture, real pride of Dondup, the result is exclusive ready-to-wear garments not only with features but also with enviable haute couture details. Slim effect pants, bootcut, jackets, midi skirts come back to life in many shades of denim. Thanks to studies on the body, Dondup more than twenty years ago comes to the amazing conclusion that an excellent jeans must have two characteristics: the first is that you need to model it according to the silhouette that wears it, the second consists instead in the particularity of the fabric of the pants.

For this reason, the brand over the years has done nothing but intensify its studies on the models of jeans so that they could be increasingly refined. But that’s not all: the dyes were another success when Dondup decided to extend them to silk and linen pants mixed with jeans print. Skynny, regular, superstretch and flared cuts increase the charm of the most used pants by women.

Not only jeans

And from total look denim collections made thanks to hundreds of tests, you get to the creation of the model Music that has conquered all women, son of a vintage that the creators of Dondup define “real”, and then move on to t-shirts with ironic prints and tartan dresses anticipating market trends such as the 3d strecht couture that increases the performance of breathability.

These are garments in recycled nylon fiber with which the maison has been able to make tailored pants, passe-partout jackets, tops, dresses with rouche with the surprising elasticity of urban style in shades of red, fuchsia, purple, lime, blue and black. Fitness and universal comfort come together under the name of Dondup and the continuous stylistic research confirms that the brand, now acclaimed also in the eastern land, does not stop here, but rather renews the vocation of many years ago to the world of fashion.


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