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22 Oct

Jucca: informal style clothing Made in italy

jucca inverno 2020

It is a project by the Carpi company Market Industrie, 100% Made in Italy, the one that bears the brand Jucca. Born in 2005 from the partnership between the designer Lorella Manicardi and the entrepreneur Federico Zannini, the brand has a recognizable style thanks to the wide variety of its products. From the bustier dress with lace embroidery in retro style, to knitwear and skirts.

jucca fall winter 21

The Carpi-based brand, young but with consolidated shoulders over the years during which the collections have followed one another, has understood that to make a difference in the fashion world, a shrewdness is necessary. Here come to life flash collections, snapshots, that manage to attract the public and keep the attention constantly focused on Jucca’s products.

jucca fall winter 21

A style from refined materials

Romantic but sober traits are the distinctive features of the brand. From the seventies, the maison takes up again the taste and prints of the royalty and bon-ton prints. Thanks to materials researched and worked entirely in Italy, unique and timeless garments come to life in the field of fashion. Of the decade full of stylistic contradictions, the brand takes up the maxi lengths declined in very wide skirts and mostly flounces of ethnic inspiration, without forgetting the maxi dress, iconic garment of that period. It is during these years that the knitwear sector, popular in crochet and jersey fabrics, takes hold. Also introduced are garments made with new light and silky synthetic fibers perfect for evening dresses and blouses revitalized by brand Jucca in floral nuances.

To revive the neo-romantic style, Jucca takes from the Seventies look the patterned green checkered blazer to tie at the waist, the velvet robe coat in copper tones, palace pants and shoes in suede fabric. The latter have been made contemporary in the zebra stripes, making this accessory ultra modern. Informal style that points to the everyday, the woman who wears Jucca aspires to these characteristics. She is cosmpolite, warrior and feminine without overdoing it in extravagance, she is not afraid to show her strong personality through unique garments in terms of style. The glamorous soul pushes her to have a harmonious glamorous look, to master fashion without becoming a victim of it.

Colors and harmonious combinations

Rich and harmonious shades of green, orange and purple that blend together in magical looks. The colors that recall the earth with beige and brown form warm combinations. The eclecticism in the textures of the fabrics outlines the concept of the brand that does not give up the hemisphere of accessories that surround the collections. The shoes see the light through the cowboy models, décolletés with a 5 centimeter heel or with gathered elastic on the heel, ankle boots and knee-length boots. The love for art and design of the two founders has ensured that the cuts are harmonious and soft for a timeless sophistication with extreme seduction that manifests itself through the overlaps in lace dresses.

jucca pantalone oro inverno 2020

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