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7 Feb

Romantic and feminine looks for a fairytale Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for a romantic outfit, you will be looking for the most glamorous Valentine’s Day look. Creating a special, refined and feminine one for the party of lovers is not difficult, as long as you choose the right clothes to match the accessories.

With a few small tricks and a pinch of good taste, you can make an outfit for this special day, delicious and elegant but still jaunty.

The advice for this day dedicated to love is to use something red, which, as you know is the color of passion, but there is no need to necessarily dress total red.

All it takes is a fancy dress or a nice flamboyant bag to appear at the top and leave it open-mouthed. If everything will then be coordinated with a matching outerwear, a wool coat or a fluffy and eco-friendly fur, you will undoubtedly be perfect.

                                                                                                                                    Valentine’s Day: red and passionate looks

The lovers’ party is just around the corner and in order not to be caught unprepared, it is best to get busy and choose a nice, refined and glamorous look. Of course, red is the shade on which to bet, what to choose?

You can range from red Valentine’s Day dresses embellished with ruffles or bare back to fancy dresses with floriental designs or red hearts, a must that never goes away.

Those who prefer broken outfits can easily combine a warm sweater with a straight and scalloped skirt and, why not, just in red leather, with an irreverent and unexpected touch for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day look.

Outfits in black: the Valentine’s Day look for black lovers

Even though red is the quintessential shade of love, black is still a choice loved by many, so why deprive yourself of it on February 14?

For a dinner out you can show off a dress with slit, like the beloved wallet dresses, or something characterized by transparencies and vintage mood.

Even the floral patterns, especially if declined in romantic shades of light and dark pink, will gently embellish the fashion looks inspired by nature and ideal for a candlelight dinner. In addition, these dresses are also perfect for those who will spend Valentine’s Day in Paris or another of the cities of love par excellence abroad or even in Italy.

And as for accessories, if on the front bag we suggest you to opt for a hand model or shoulder strap of small to medium size, on the front shoes do not forget the heels.

For this time of the year, suede ankle boots are tops, but the most adventurous will also be able to focus on the classicism of the classic pointed-toe pumps or the sophistication of platform sandals, to which we suggest to combine glittery socks, to add a touch of glamour to the total look.

                                                                                                                                The advice in addition

If so far we have shown you what your looks might be for February 14th, remember also that if your he is running out of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020, you could suggest him one of the perfect outfits or accessories to make a romantic outfit, maybe to wear on another couple’s occasion.

He will be relieved to have to choose a gift for his girlfriend and you will get what you want!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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