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30 Aug

Red Valentino: passion and romance made in Italy

Red valentino 2020

It is the color of feelings like love and passion but also the favorite shade of the all-Italian maison Red Valentino founded by the emperor of fashion, Valentino. Iconographic for the brand, this color has been an obsession and adoration for that young boy a bit shy but refined born in Voghera with the surname that has become famous all over the world: Garavani.

He was so loved by the world of fashion from an early age that he enrolled at a young age in the school of fashion in Milan, he finished his studies in Paris learning the art of fashion design. Having made his bones at the Parisian courts-ateliers of the time, that boy, now grown up and open to the world, returned to Italy to dedicate himself to the creation of something of his own. The style is still luxurious and extraordinarily feminine, making classicism merge with the contemporary one.

Elegance and wearability in everyday life

Red Valentino’s concept aspires to the dreamlike world of dreams, crystalline and pure, almost unreachable. The woman who inspires the maison does not have a precise age, rather she has a well-defined character: modern and aware of the society in which she lives, the female figure who wears Red Valentino does not give up the touch of elegance in everyday life.

This is an audience of women who, although young, know how to understand the new trends aimed at glamour. Red Valentino represents a bold and evocative style: energetic but also enveloping nuances are the basis of the brand’s creativity. The lines are sinuous and tend to follow the silhouettes of the bodies.

Innovative materials and elements

Silk, cotton, macramé are the materials preferred by the maison. In line with the desire of the two designers to introduce innovative elements into the brand, the creations of the maison are dominated by themes of tropical romantic style or energetic floral graphics. In fact, this is the element that most expresses a detachment from the classicism of about 50 years of Valentino’s history. A real floral plot tells of a living relationship with nature, earthly beauty that the founder of the brand had found in the city of Rome.

Thanks to it, femininity finds a way to blossom into aesthetically luxuriant embroidery and lace. Craftsmanship, luxury and feminine beauty: this is Red Valentino mixed with a meticulous attention to the use of luxury materials, since for the creative minds of the brand every woman deserves to wear clothes that make her feel like a princess. Because it has always been her, with her authentic femininity, at the center of thoughts before Valentino and today of the two creative directors at the helm of the scarlet colored maison, consolidating the spirit of the iconic fashion brand in Italy and around the world.

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