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Category: Special events

11 Feb

Valentine’s Day 2021, between looks and gifts to amaze your loved one

Valentine's Day 2021, between looks and gifts to amaze your loved one
That Valentine's Day 2021 will be different from the usual is now obvious to everyone, but that does not detract from the fact that we can still celebrate the lovers day taking care of your sweet half and yourself. There will be no movie nights at the cinema or romantic dinners outside, unless you stay in the hotel. To organize something in complete safety and intimacy, you can order a delivery service of your favorite dishes, tasty aphrodisiac delicacies. By making efforts, it will certainly be possible to make this day, which this year will fall on Sunday, special and unique. That's why it is not necessary to give up a beautiful glamorous and romantic look, without exaggeration of course, and, to surprise...
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4 Jan

Ladies, here is a new Golden Age: the winter sales

winter sales 2020
It is known that "The Epiphany all the holidays are over", but this does not apply to sales. On the contrary, with the arrival of January, winter sales are also coming. What better occasion to makeover your look? Take a look at the proposed outfits, go wild with a little healthy shopping and revive that wardrobe abandoned during the Christmas holidays.   You can also visit us in the boutique   The urban Queen   Eyes on eco-leather, this year's must have. And if that dress you've been wanting to have in your closet for a long time has escaped you, now you have no more excuses! Especially if it's a chemisier by Suoli, perfect to be matched with the special check print coat created by...
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27 Dec

Happy New Year’s look? At home dress with style

Happy New Year's look 2020
For true fashion lovers, there is no better occasion to wear sparkling clothes than on New Year's Eve. And if this year we will have to give up the big celebrations with family and friends, why do without even the right outfit? Tradition and new customs are mixed in the magical night that marks the beginning of a new year, which opens to the world full of all the desires that are just waiting to be realized. So why not start by making the first wish come true? Have a new item in your closet and start 2021 with the right style.   Aniye By, long dress with glitter and slit   Delicate and elegant, the two dresses by Forte_Forte are perfect for the...
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4 Dec

At Christmas your wishlist is colored with Gold

Running out of ideas for Christmas? What are you waiting for to create your wishlist to put under the tree? Christmas holidays are just around the corner and the stress increases to the idea of having to make endless rows in the stores and wander around without having the chance to see the clothes of your dreams up close. Don't worry! You can finally choose, watching and reviewing your wishlist from the comfort of your sofa at home, thanks to the use of your smartphone. If you are looking for the right gift for your best friend or you just want to give yourself that dress that you have dreamed of having in your closet for too many months, Christmas is...
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23 Nov

Black Friday: find out which garments to have in your wardrobe

Also this year sales for the party that comes from overseas. Almost one hundred years have passed since in 1924 the Macy's chain in New York organized the first Friday dedicated to sales immediately after Thanksgiving, to inaugurate the beginning of the Christmas season. Since that first success, year after year, Black Friday has taken on the symbolic meaning of the rush to purchase: in fact in America it is remembered for the long lines of cars racing to grab the last item on sale. November means "unmissable purchases": thanks to Black Friday it will be possible to buy the garment you have always wanted taking advantage of a special sale. What better opportunity to refresh your wardrobe? Evergreen both for the...
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7 Feb

Romantic and feminine looks for a fairytale Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for a romantic outfit, you will be looking for the most glamorous Valentine's Day look. Creating a special, refined and feminine one for the party of lovers is not difficult, as long as you choose the right clothes to match the accessories. With a few small tricks and a pinch of good taste, you can make an outfit for this special day, delicious and elegant but still jaunty. The advice for this day dedicated to love is to use something red, which, as you know is the color of passion, but there is no need to necessarily dress total red. Red Valentino, dress with hearts All it takes is a fancy dress or a nice flamboyant...
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