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1 Jun

Weekend out of town: look for all occasions

Weekend out of town look

You can finally go back to traveling, always with the necessary precautions, but now we taste the first moments of freedom. And the desire to visit new places but also to review the places of the heart is unstoppable. What to wear? Many people, who for a long time, too long have been locked in the house, have almost lost their sense of style. You have to do reconnaissance, understand what to wear and on what occasions and among them there are also trips away from home.

What are the best looks for a weekend out of town? It all depends on where you go and what you want to do. Are you in doubt? Are you looking for advice? So let’s see some outfit solutions to indulge in a few relaxing days under the sign of fashion.

Weekend in the mountains: what to wear?

Let’s start from the mountain, which does not necessarily mean making great walks or equipping yourself for trekking. You can indulge in a few days in the open air (and clean) in height, where the breeze refreshes and nature envelops everyone as if in a big hug. The mountain, as well as the hill, is a place for all those who want to find some peace and escape from the daily routine. In this place it is always good to dress in layers, because the weather can change quickly and the thermal overhang is usually rapid and sometimes unpredictable. What to wear? It is always advisable to focus onclosed shoes, light and fresh trousers and colors or better still aligned with natural colors.


That’s why we imagined a mountain look consisting of a pure white cropped and sleeveless top that we can easily combine with an army green chino trousers, a full color striped cardigan with fringes to which to add a bag large enough for everything you need and sequin ankle boots, to give an extroverted and glam touch to the total outfit.

What we used for our mountain look:

Beach weekend look

Let’s jump to the sea, one of the elements that is really hard to give up. Calm and quiet but also perfect to cool off when it is too hot and ideal place to get in your swimsuit and take the first tan of the season. What could be a nice look for a beach weekend?

Sea look

Beyond beachwear, we have thought of a perfect outfit to walk through the alleys of some small and characteristic seaside town. Something light but refined, which makes us taste the summer air with taste and refinement. The look we offer you consists of crochet clothing and accessories, including a crochet top with a vintage flavor, fringed sandals with buckles and a wide-brimmed hat with white details. Don’t miss the natural raffia shoulder bag and, to give a little more grit to our look we added a long tropical skirt with pink background and green leaves.

What we used for our beach look:

Visit to a city of art: style tips

What if we wanted to treat ourselves to a weekend of culture, to discover the great artistic heritage of the Belpaese? Again we can try various types of outfits, something that is halfway between formality, glamour and new trends.

Art look

Our choice focuses everything on the rigid sky blue and white stripes of a shirt, which however is embellished with embroidery and perforations, to be combined with a white and wide trousers that leaves the ankles uncovered. Bright red accessories give a more lively twist to our outfit, fromplatform canvas sneakers to the refined leather backpack to the unusual multicolor raffia elastic belt.

What we used for our look in a city of art:

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