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14 Dec

5 looks to be glamorous even at Christmas

Christmas outfit 2020
Christmas comes close and it is useless to deny that this is one of the most awaited holidays to spend some time with family and loved ones. And not only that… It's the perfect opportunity to show off outfits with irresistible savoir fair that often, during the course of the year, we have neglected forgetting in our wardrobe. And why not, even revitalize that sad closet, reinvigorating it with trendy items. Here are proposals 5 looks to be glamorous even at Christmas.   The Snow Queen   It is known, Christmas recalls the snow. The whiteness of the color white is reflected in the proposed look, coined in shades of ivory and ice. Timeless elegance for the sheath dress with sweetheart neckline by L'Autre...
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7 Feb

Romantic and feminine looks for a fairytale Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for a romantic outfit, you will be looking for the most glamorous Valentine's Day look. Creating a special, refined and feminine one for the party of lovers is not difficult, as long as you choose the right clothes to match the accessories. With a few small tricks and a pinch of good taste, you can make an outfit for this special day, delicious and elegant but still jaunty. The advice for this day dedicated to love is to use something red, which, as you know is the color of passion, but there is no need to necessarily dress total red. Red Valentino, dress with hearts All it takes is a fancy dress or a nice flamboyant...
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