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2 Sep

Semicouture: an idea by Erika Cavallini

A present time fully lived through the name of the brand founded by Erika Cavallini. A project that began in 2009 and started from the borders of Crevalcore in the province of Bologna and then expatriated without limits thanks to “capo No.1”, now taken up again after seven years and renewed with more determination than ever by Andrea Vincenzi and his wife Erika Cavallini, designer of the Semicouture garments.

The stylist, also accomplice of a trip to France during which she came across a stamp in a brocantage market that gives her the push for the creation of the brand, restarts from her origins, from that first designed dress that consecrated her to the world of fashion and determined the climb to success. An half couture, as the brand logo brings to mind. A fascinating fashion, hovering between the test dummy and the glittering haute couture of Paris. This is the “fil rouge” that links the name of the brand to the clothes it gives life to. Garments deliberately not complete, imperfections that become ethereal.



The designer loves to play with fashion, she can not help but look at it as an art form through which to give free rein to all her creativity with an undeniable mission: to enhance Italian craftsmanship by choosing for the raw materials craft workshops near the headquarters of the company in Bologna.


The refined and comfortable prêt-à-porter



The dresses represent a rainbow of ironic colors and radiant patterns suitable for sunny women who are excited to savor life and give body to their dreams. The volumes are large, the Italian materials in the realization are soft and comfortable, without excesses. Comfortable pants, dresses and knitwear describe looks composed of sneakers and coats. Lines never geometrical and yet of rare delicacy in defining the shapes of the female body. Designed for girls who live in hyper-modern urban contexts, the garments designed by Semicouture are made with skillful sewing techniques that make every detail precious.





Dresses with unconventional femininity


A character that cannot wait but prefers action, Erika Cavallini has made the experience learned in various stylistic studies the true strength of Semicouture. The designer is first and foremost a woman and as such she does not spare herself on inventiveness. Not only retro buttons and finishes dusted off from past Fifties trends. So from that simple design of clothes, Semicouture has become a solid reality from the efficient production of garments ready to be worn. The brand has aimed higher by realizing the dream of giving life to clothes that express an unconventional femininity, enclosed in stylistic antinomies and misplaced balances.


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