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1 Oct

Erika Cavallini: The originality of a detail out of place

erika cavallini winter 2020 collection

Perfection bores her and she sees something in that out-of-place detail. And from that “unusual” detail, Erika Cavallini has made the strength of her maison. Born in 2009, the brand quickly position edit self as a knowhow in the fashion industry. Having established herself with a collection called Semicoture.

The tireless designer, aware of her talent, began to make herself known with a simple word of mouth. In 2002 she never thought she would get as far as she does today. From the door-to-door knowledge of his brand, we moved on to the investment in the brand by a great entrepreneur from Carpi. Shortly after, everything becomes a dream: success, affirmation and the possibility to walk the Paris catwalk with his creations with the brand that today bears his name.

Collections that make heart beat

Costantly in search of “what makes her heart beat”, from the vibrations born the unique sensations that lead the designer to give shape to the most intimate beats.  A eulogy to the most romantic feelings, without neglecting grit and determination. The inspiration that brought her to the point of giving shape to the passion that has accompanied her life since she was a child, has also allowed her to become an important voice in the world of prêt-à-porter.

The style communicates a precise imprint by enhancing the clothes in motion thanks to asymmetrical but fluid lines. In each of her collections dominates a touch of romance: deconstructed and graceful dresses like peplums, large knee-length shirts and overcoats are the must have of Erika Cavallini brand. Indomitable and large volumes, symptom of a creativity that can not be contained in the contours. Voluntary mistakes, sought a bit for fun, are part of creations that breathe an air of innovation that becomes ideal for the internationalization of the brand and a distinctive feature of the maison in Italy.

The authenticity of a Made in Italy look

The watchword for the brand owned by Abraham Industries: “Made in Italy”. From the choice of raw materials to the attention to detail, Erika Cavallini brand builds on the cultural background learned from childhood in her mother’s company. In fact, it is precisely in the family knitwear that she cultivates the art of knowing how to choose the most suitable fabrics for each garment. So from the passion for vintage, starts the creativity of the designer characterized by a retro elegance. A triumph of and blue and fluorescent colors, to which the designer has been so fond to propose it over the years mixed in multiple looks.

Uniqueness and originality are the features that differentiate the maison, as well as those bright colors that give personality to the clothes. According to the vision of the designer, everything becomes fashion: a film by Michelangelo Antonioni or even a work by Salvador Dalì. For Erika Cavallini art is a primordial language that expresses emotions from which it is rare to escape. The fashion industry vibrates around the everyday world and the woman is the protagonist. Reinventing herself according to an imperfect beauty, the female figure originates from the fashion of the past but turns her eyes towards unexplored horizons dominated by experiments with the sewing machine in continuous evolution.

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