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22 Oct

Jucca: informal style clothing Made in italy

jucca inverno 2020
It is a project by the Carpi company Market Industrie, 100% Made in Italy, the one that bears the brand Jucca. Born in 2005 from the partnership between the designer Lorella Manicardi and the entrepreneur Federico Zannini, the brand has a recognizable style thanks to the wide variety of its products. From the bustier dress with lace embroidery in retro style, to knitwear and skirts. The Carpi-based brand, young but with consolidated shoulders over the years during which the collections have followed one another, has understood that to make a difference in the fashion world, a shrewdness is necessary. Here come to life flash collections, snapshots, that manage to attract the public and keep the attention constantly focused on Jucca's products. A...
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1 Oct

Erika Cavallini: The originality of a detail out of place

erika cavallini winter 2020 collection
Perfection bores her and she sees something in that out-of-place detail. And from that "unusual" detail, Erika Cavallini has made the strength of her maison. Born in 2009, the brand quickly position edit self as a knowhow in the fashion industry. Having established herself with a collection called Semicoture. The tireless designer, aware of her talent, began to make herself known with a simple word of mouth. In 2002 she never thought she would get as far as she does today. From the door-to-door knowledge of his brand, we moved on to the investment in the brand by a great entrepreneur from Carpi. Shortly after, everything becomes a dream: success, affirmation and the possibility to walk the Paris catwalk with his creations...
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27 Sep

Dondup: denim with universal comfort

Letter "D" means Dondup but it also denim. An exclusive, pregiate and special trouserrs in jeans fabric that has always been the most fundamental component of the heart of the popular brand and focus of the Di/zero project. Sensible and customer-oriented, the brand has become the spokesman of a pioneering adventure in the field of fashion. Through washing and special treatments, the brand has as its goal the extension to the entire production of techniques aimed at saving the use of fundamental resources such as water for the creation of jeans, also significantly reducing the use of chemicals substances to the planet. Ambition and eyes facing to the future are the unmistakable characteristics of Dondup jeans. Started in 1999, the beautiful...
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20 Sep

Forte_Forte: from workshop to maison

It is a big bang in the fashion world that originated the project called Forte_Forte. An explosion of emotion and beauty that took its first steps when, in 2002, the brothers Giada and Paolo Forte began to realize they could not do without creating clothes. From this, an entrepreneurial reality takes shape that the two brothers would never have imagined when, at the time of the noise in the corridors of the house, they spent most of their days in the family's knitting workshops. Giada still takes care of the stylistic side of the business, putting into practice what she learned at Nottingham Trent University studying knitwear design, while Paolo, who knows economics, is dedicated to the financial part of the...
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14 Sep

Aniye By: innovative re-vintage and outfits

For Aniye By if the world didn't have its canonical form it would certainly look like a bow. Dreamer since childhood, Alessandra Marchi has been able to honor her desires by founding a brand with a playful soul. Born in Carpi in 2000, near Modena, Aniye By is completely Made in Italy and bears a name that is the result of pure fantasy on the part of the creative director. Growing up breathing the smell of fashion, the designer couldn't overlook into the world of fashion. Growing up breathing the smell of fashion, the designer couldn't overlook into the world of fashion. Daughter of the famous Vannis Marchi founder of Liu Jo, Alessandra came up with solid shoulders and a...
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12 Sep

Dr. Martens: gritty shoes “with bouncing soles”

The history of the most famous brand in the footwear industry could not but begin far in the memory. Almost a century ago in the town of Wollaston, Northamptonshire, in the English Midlands, the Griggs family stood out in the footwear industry for the quality of the shoes they produced. Having immediately realized that the prototype shoe could bring great innovation, Dr. Martens took advantage of the unused military supplies at that time to start producing the shoes together with his university friend, Herbert Funk. Shortly after that, the brand was established: in England they were talking about the new brilliant idea, soon came the advertising (80% of the customers were women) and the purchase in the newspapers until 1960 when...
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2 Sep

Semicouture: an idea by Erika Cavallini

A present time fully lived through the name of the brand founded by Erika Cavallini. A project that began in 2009 and started from the borders of Crevalcore in the province of Bologna and then expatriated without limits thanks to "capo No.1", now taken up again after seven years and renewed with more determination than ever by Andrea Vincenzi and his wife Erika Cavallini, designer of the Semicouture garments. The stylist, also accomplice of a trip to France during which she came across a stamp in a brocantage market that gives her the push for the creation of the brand, restarts from her origins, from that first designed dress that consecrated her to the world of fashion and determined the climb...
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7 Feb

Romantic and feminine looks for a fairytale Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for a romantic outfit, you will be looking for the most glamorous Valentine's Day look. Creating a special, refined and feminine one for the party of lovers is not difficult, as long as you choose the right clothes to match the accessories. With a few small tricks and a pinch of good taste, you can make an outfit for this special day, delicious and elegant but still jaunty. The advice for this day dedicated to love is to use something red, which, as you know is the color of passion, but there is no need to necessarily dress total red. Red Valentino, dress with hearts All it takes is a fancy dress or a nice flamboyant...
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