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10 Oct

J Brand: jeans in real denim ready to wear

Founded in 2005 in Los Angeles, the original J Brand j brand jeans is a young but brilliant diamond in the ready-to-wear scene. Creator and dreamer Jeff Rudes, CEO of the brand and co-founder together with former stylist Susie Crippen, has made the passion for fashion a starting point for creating something exclusive. Constantly on the edge of innovation, only a few years have passed since the brand saw the light in Los Angeles and from that relaxed fit of an ultra skinny jeans we have moved to a different awareness: luxury materials and modern sensitivity in design.

Pioneers of the lean silhouette, today J Brand has a new awareness that focuses on the sustainability of materials in favor of a more eco-friendly globalization in the fashion industry. For this reason J Brand‘s pants are made almost completely reducing the use of superfluous materials and to do this the brand has adopted a series of measures such as sustainable tags, the preference of recycled cotton, botanical polyesters and biodegradable Tencel fibers and the very important reduction of up to 90% of the water used to wash denim.


Jeans that conquer the market

The brand has officially entered the fashion market thanks to a very tight dark jeans model. Genius and countercurrent the invention of skinny pants with dark wash led to the creation of a casual, sensual and captivating mood. According to Jeff Rudes the denim sector is an agglomeration of pants in which everyone has his own role and every occasion has his own pair of jeans. It is necessary to respect a sort of clothing code in the denim sector. There are those with classic dark blue lines ideal for hours at work until you get to those tight and rock to go around on a motorcycle.


Collections and models for all looks

Declined in multiple ideas, the California-based label has given birth to snake print shiny pants, coated denim fabric, pure cotton, characteristics of the chromed look stolen with an eye to the world of sports from which Jeff Rudes and Susie Crippen have imported the fit and adaptation to movements. Precious contrasting fabrics, simple and clean lines and constant attention to detail are the characteristics that have made J Brand jeans excel in the context of international fashion.

In addition to the super slim cuts, the fit of the pants put on the market by the brand has also expanded to more oversize shapes such as elephant leg jeans, from the rigid fabric at leg height but shaping at the waist. The brand is dressed with an elegant and sophisticated concept. The woman who wears J Brand has the impression of feeling immediately at home, wrapped and lulled by the soft textures of the brand’s garments. In short, that a woman comes across a J Brand can only be an event full of magic from which comes a love fruit of modern romance.

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