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15 Oct

Premiata: history of a brand over 100 years old

Premiata was able to win the most difficult challenge: creating something different by the ability to give life to simple things. Thanks to deep-rooted craft traditions she loves to grasp what is incomplete to make it experimental. Born over a hundred years ago, it is a brand with a strong and consolidated soul. It was in 1991 that the real Premiata sneackers was born. Graziano Mazza takes the reins of the company by implementing two decisions: the first is represented by the choice to industrialize the company by purchasing new machinery more suitable for a large production, the second is based on modernizing the design of footwear to be able to enter the international market.

At the base of the concept of the maison there was and there still is today, research, creativity and study on the accessory. Five years later there was the launch of a new collection of sneakers with the aim of coining the comfort of sports shoes with innovative design and style. Designed for those who do not aspire to the usual casual shoe, Premiata sneakers, thanks to a modern technology, are made of perforated leather giving life to ultra-modern shoes but also the undisputed comfort.

Innovative looks, never trivial

The real strength of the brand is the continuous renewal, passing through steps in which the previous design is transferred to another higher level. These are almost eccentric solutions designed by Graziano Mazza in colors and fabrics. A mix of fluorescent nuances almost in contrast, where one rule dominates: experiment. For the brand the woman is constantly looking for a style that is able to assert her personality, through intriguing details that make details the focal point of every look.

One hundred and ten years were not enough for Premiata to resign itself to the production of classic footwear. While radically changing the style, over the years it has always ensured a high level of yield in the production of footwear. The collections with irresistible appeal are mostly dominated by the mix of nylon and suede but also lamé material combined with leather. Always poised between classic translation and modern innovation, the brand from the Marche region was the first to abandon vintage processing in leather shoes.

Urban-chic style

The world of leather goods is deconstructed to be reborn under other guises, directed towards a casual approach to the product. In fact the Premiata sneackers with its comfort represents an evergreen accessory within the company. Suitable for disengaged use but also for a formal look, it is difficult to leave it in the closet. Thanks to valuable treatments, ankle boots and workingboots in aged leather, amphibians with contrasting colors, but also sports shoes inspired by the Eighties and ankle boots with double heel and upper. The deep message of the company focuses on the international diffusion of the urban-chic style that with an evolved spirit is affirmed on a global level in the fashion world and traces new stylistic paths to be able to look at the creations of the past with a grateful but critical eye and to give life to endless paths to be followed together with Premiata.


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