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11 Feb

Valentine’s Day 2021, between looks and gifts to amaze your loved one

Valentine's Day 2021, between looks and gifts to amaze your loved one

That Valentine’s Day 2021 will be different from the usual is now obvious to everyone, but that does not detract from the fact that we can still celebrate the lovers day taking care of your sweet half and yourself.

There will be no movie nights at the cinema or romantic dinners outside, unless you stay in the hotel.

To organize something in complete safety and intimacy, you can order a delivery service of your favorite dishes, tasty aphrodisiac delicacies. By making efforts, it will certainly be possible to make this day, which this year will fall on Sunday, special and unique.

That’s why it is not necessary to give up a beautiful glamorous and romantic look, without exaggeration of course, and, to surprise your partner, dedicate an increased attention to her with an exclusive and chic Valentine’s Gift. Let’s see together some ideas for a day of romance and love!

3 Valentine’s Day looks based on occasions

As already mentioned, this year the going out opportunities will be different from the usual, that’s why wearing an outfit that is too sophisticated is not ideal. However, you can contextualize something based on what you will organize, even in the house. After all, if you can order a delivery dinner in your favorite luxury restaurant, you can also show off an extraordinary dress and a pair of heels, which slender the silhouette and make it even more feminine.

Pizza and movies? It’s a classic of two lovers nights, but especially if you haven’t seen each other in a while, it might be the right opportunity to resume your beloved routine. Yes, right on Valentine’s Day. So, no, no pajamas, take care of the look but still be comfortable. Our proposal consists of sweaters, glam but soft trousers and a pair of sneakers that do not go unnoticed.

Do you want to spend a day outdoors? Again, don’t give up a romantic and glam detail that can embellish and make your Valentine’s Day look unique.

Valentine’s Day 2021 gift ideas in the name of style and originality

And regarding the Valentine’s Day gift? A woman always wants to be amazed and paying her special attention is a great way to show her how much love you feel. 

That’s why it’s recommended to buy a gift she wants or just doesn’t expect, among the latest news and trends.

Among the new arrivals of the season stand out the skirts with a spring flavor of Manila Grace and the new necklaces of river pearls of Radà, for the passionate bon ton chic style.

In the run-up to the summer we suggest the jute bags of The Jacksons, especially the one with the words Amour in red passion.

And, for the last few weeks of cold but usable also next winter, a warm candy mood eco-fur coat, like the one signed by Front Street 8, that will warm up your beloved on the coldest days.

Front Street 8, teddy bear wool and lurex coat

There are also many particular and unique clothing items, extraordinarily unusual and glamorous, that will break through the heart of the wildest fashion addicted. From Red Valentino to Semicouture, going on Aniye By, Forte Forte and Dondup, discover our selection of unique, original and beautiful Valentine’s Day 2021 gift ideas!

Aniye By, stretch floral top

Erika Cavallini, wallet skirt

Dondup, one-shoulder top

Strong strong, bohemian ing ing in silk voile with embroidery

Red Valentino, voile dress with blue dream print

Semi-covers, shorts in faux leather

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