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18 Feb

Trends, must-haves, colors, patterns and details: all the fashion of Spring 2021

We are about to leave winter behind and we will finally welcome the spring season between trends, new prints and sparkling, playful and thoughtless colors. But what are the spring 2021 fashion must-haves? What are we going to wear this year and how have our style habits changed?

After 12 months of pandemic, which forced us to stay at home, protect ourselves and protect others, keep us away from a powerful virus, the desire to return to enjoy a day outdoors and the company of others is many. However, dreaming is lawful and certainly not because of a virus we must stop take care of our outfits. On the contrary, especially at this moment we must raise the bar and express our aesthetic sense in the best possible way, without half measures.

Spring 2021 fashion look

How to do it? All you have to do is admire the new spring 2021 fashion trends, understand what are the must-haves, among colors, prints and unmissable details, and show off every day looks that put us in a good mood and make us feel hopelessly at the top!

Spring 2021 fashion: all shades of pink for the summer

If there is a color that has always expressed femininity, that is pink. Attention, however, we are not only referring to the typical nuance of birth flakes but to all possible variants, from the most delicate and refined nuance to the most intense, brilliant and rock.

It goes, in fact, from the 5 Progress t-shirts sweetened by a pink jam background and embellished with sequin strawberries to the rigorous double-breasted jackets with all over vichy texture by Harris Wharf London, to the pink Schiaparelli shorts by Aniye By, that for its new collection has revisited the mood of the 80s.

More or less intense, the pink color will be the protagonist of this season, both in the fluid version of the satin and in the most sparkling version of the sequins.




Forte Forte, silk satin marocain satin palazzo trousers






Black&White: the eternal charm of black and white

We continue to deal with color because there is a great classic, which is back in fashion and is perfect to create strong but also essential combinations. We’re talking about the eternal charm and contrast of black&white. It’s time to stock up on black and white clothes and mix them without getting too much worries!

Make room in your closet to white trouser, such as Dondup cotton denim cropped jeans or Via Masini 80 bootcut models, to match with crossed tops on the back, such as those signed by Pinko. The alternative is to choose a refined but authentic dress, such as those in eco-leather or embroidered by Manila Grace.









Ruffles, flounces, fringes and bows for graceful outfits

Even an extremely essential and basic look can turn into something playful and graceful if you add details, which give movement and optically resize to the silhouette. Here, then, come into play all those inserts that, especially in recent seasons, have a place in the heart of all fashion enthusiasts. Make way for ruffles, flounces, fringes and bows: they will conquer you once again!

These fluttering elements we find them instead of the classic short sleeves of Dondup t-shirts, on the multi-flounced clothes of Aniye By, on the wonderful camouflage jackets of 5 Progress, which embellished her outerwear with long fringes and other elements in natural raffia. There is also tassels that give an ultra vintage flavor to the mesh blouses and maxi vichy bows with flowers by Red Valentino.




Spring 2021 fashion prints: not just flowers

Usually when you think about the spring months, the only print that seems to make sense is the floral one. Among the proposals of the new coolest fashion collections of the moment, just look at the creations signed by Manila Grace and 5 Progress, two brands that have also played on other prints, from horizontal stripes to stars to optical patterns, animalier and palm trees with a typical summer and holiday touch.

The stripes are among the protagonists of Dondup newsand linen clothing by Pomandère. Via Masini 80 focuses so much on the retro style of the 1950s of the polka dots while Red Valentino chooses the check texture embellished, once again, with delicious flowers.







Party dresses: long and mini dress to amaze

Are we going to go back to parties? To go to the ceremonies? To wear wonderful elegant and evening dresses with which to amaze everyone and feel like stars on the red carpet? The good season always promises well, so let’s find ourselves prepared! Among the most exclusive proposals of the moment there are long chiffon dresses and satin creations, mostly embellished with graceful and refined floral textures but also almost invisible lace decorations, from Aniye By to Red Valentino. There is no shortage, however, super sparkling and bright evening dresses, thanks to the sequins applied all over, like those of Forte Forte!






2021 is the new 1980

The eccentricity of the 80s, the disco mood and the huge volumes of the imposing ruffle mixed with super mini lengths are back in fashion and can be breathed in the new Aniye By spring summer 2021 collection.

The brand has played a lot on the contrast between shock pink and black, on the use of satin and eco-leather, on very short skirts and curled and vaporous shoulders. The result is nothing short of strong and extravagant but undoubtedly glamorous in its purest state.




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