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The boutique

If one had to think of a strong color, with a clear shine and the ability to remain impressed in the eyes of those who rest on it, it would certainly be gold. A shade of ancient power, esteemed and exalted by the Roman people for the link with the ethereal divine world, since 2006 lives again thanks to Gold in the precious finishes that wind along the over 300 square meters of the two floors of which the store is composed. It is no coincidence that the boutique is located in Via Vitruvio, in the ancient heart of the city of Formia where emperors of the era of ancient Rome such as Augustus and Marcus Aurelius had chosen to build their mansion to benefit from the mild climate and landscape, pride of the city overlooking the sea. 











From the classical era, a common thread of tradition and history links the city to the activity of the boutique. Showcases with accessories in view, exposants of clothes, sofas and rehearsal rooms, exclusive privè designed to be welcoming and pamper customers tell of how a refined taste for luxury clothing echoes through the smell of the wood of the parquet in every corner.



Commercial contracts with over 95 collaborations with haute couture brands, have made Gold become over time, within the fashion industry, a leader in central-southern Italy.Today the boutique is a pearl in the panorama of Made in Italy, a real quality added to the fashion industry able to give value to the sensory experience of customers, a journey that blossoms in the eyes and emotions of women who choose Gold as their boutique of reference to create their wardrobe.